Electrotechnical Laboratory

Электротехническая лаборатория


If you use electric equipment, you have to constantly check its integrity. Today, the reliable operation of electricity-generating equipment without any failures is the most important task that companies in different areas of economy face. In order to prevent emergencies, incident and consecutive damages, it is necessary to perform electrical testing and measurement that would allow constant monitoring of electric equipment status, and to keep the equipment intact. Besides that, any equipment that works under unstable power supply may fail any moment, which results in extremely high material expenditures. Electrotechnical lab allows to prevent problems like current leakage, power supply interruptions and inflammation of cable insulation.

Our organization provides electric equipment measuring and testing services. Our main tasks are troubleshooting and providing operational and repair recommendations.

We have the necessary resources to conduct quality measurements:

  • Qualified staff
  • A set of necessary equipment and instruments
  • Personalized approach to each client.